The way completions should be

Nine takes a different approach to completions – yours

Nothing is predictable in the oilfield. Maximizing production and minimizing costs is a balancing act. In challenging, unconventional environments, it’s important that you have a partner who understands how to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

At Nine Energy Service, we don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. We customize completion solutions for every project—and provide the tools and the knowledge to deliver the lowest costs and highest efficiencies. With Nine, you have access to a full array of completion solutions, all designed, tested and proven in most of the major plays throughout North America.

Our proof of performance.

Nine has a proven track record with over 55,000 successful stimulation zones deployed since 2007. In addition, we have a number of proprietary products that offer unmatched performance. And with an industry-leading plug-n-perf team, we are ready to deploy when you need us the most.

Nine brings you a comprehensive completions portfolio.

The oilfield is unpredictable, and the demands to achieve objectives while operating responsibly are high. As a recognized leader in liner hanger installations, Nine provides consistent service, innovative solutions and proven experience to help you succeed.

Our unconventional completion services include:

Our conventional completion services include: