Miles of wireline and still measuring

Unsurpassed wireline service and solutions

Deep experience. Strong reputation.

We know wireline and what it takes to earn trust in the industry. Our reputation rides on helping our customers achieve the maximum efficiencies in production through exceptional services and wellsite execution.

Our customers have come to count on our experience, technology and reliability. When you want better than good enough, you can depend on Nine Energy Service.

We run it right.

At Nine, wireline service is our business—not just a small segment of what we do. Our exemplary track record in the field enables us to provide exceptional service to each customer. With every job, we strive to operate more efficiently and deliver better results each time.

In addition to advanced equipment, we provide proficient, skilled people onsite to execute the job. Our high volume of diverse wireline work ensures that our crews are experienced and equipped to respond appropriately to a range of unexpected well conditions.

Our employees learn quickly in our accelerated training program, which integrates classroom knowledge with hands-on experience. And Nine’s involved management team provides oversight and direction for every job in the field and works to enhance service quality with every run.

We’ve got the tools.

We focus on helping every Nine customer get the job done more efficiently and effectively. We rely on an array of innovative products, techniques and processes to provide the best quality at the right price. Our arsenal of services includes:

In addition to our wide range of tools and techniques, Nine provides Cerberus Well Modeling for pumpdown perforating jobs. 

This software enables more effective planning and deployment of cable-conveyed tools and is a must for today’s long lateral drilling programs and tricky geometry. With this tool, we utilize available data to:

  • Construct proper rehead for each depth with different cable head strengths.
  • Decide if and when to use ART tool
  • Discuss well points and depths that pose greatest risk and how to minimize those risks
  • Save time and money