Nine offers a portfolio of game-changing technologies, unique in the world of oilfield services. One size does not fit all, which is why Nine brings a wide range of completion solutions in downhole technologies allowing customers to complete their wells at a lower cost and higher efficiency.

FlowGun™ Completion System

Completions just became infinitely easier. The FlowGun™ well completion system from Nine Energy Service offers completely interventionless, casing-conveyed perforating technology. In one groundbreaking system, you now have greater efficiency, control and flexibility.

Scorpion™ Composite Plug

The Nine Scorpion Composite Plug delivers a dependable, durable and cost-efficient method for temporary zone isolation during stage fracs in both vertical and horizontal wells. With a proven track record of success, Nine’s Scorpion Composite Plug offers a variety of plug sizes ranging from 3.5” to 5.5” – giving you choices when you need them.

FracDock™ Intervention-free Frac Plug System

With groundbreaking technology available exclusively to Nine Energy Service customers, the patented FracDock Intervention-free Frac System replaces composite bridge plugs in plug and perf operations. The result? Reduced completion times, lower costs and mitigated safety risks.

SwellSeal Swellable Packer

Fluid change out costs time and money. Our SwellSeal Swellable Packer is designed to cut that time practically in half. What’s more, our product delivers tailored deployment times, high swell volumes, exotic brine compatibility, and oil/ water/combination elements.