Nine’s premium ISO V0-certified well barrier offers full flexibility with up to 12 pressure cycles.

Nine’s patented BreakThru™ Multi-Cycle Barrier Valve features a proprietary high-strength glass material built to withstand downhole conditions up to 10,000 psi (68.9MPa) differential pressure. This interventionless, pressure-actuated, ISO-certified well barrier cost-effectively isolates wellbore reservoir pressure.

Unlike the BreakThru™ Single-Cycle Barrier Valve, the Multi-Cycle Barrier Valve allows up to 15 pressure cycles before activating/opening. This gives the operator greater flexibility to set hydraulic packers, inflow test DHSV, and test the tubing and packer from above, along with any other required tests. The integrated counter system registers the pressure cycles and self-calibrates, ensuring proper function in all harsh environments. Once all preset pressure cycles are set, the valve activates, allowing wellbore fluids to be produced up the full ID of the production tubing without restriction.

  • ISO 14998 V0, ISO 14310 V0 and ISO 28781-certified well barrier
  • Does not require Nine personnel to RIH and operate
  • Reduced rig time over wireline plugs, no intervention needed
  • Self-calibrating counter system allowing multiple pressure cycles
  • Easy remote removal by surface-applied pressure
  • RIH as an integrated part of the completion
  • Can be run in hostile environments (H2S and CO2)
  • Debris-tolerant pressure activation
  • Full-bore access post-opening
  • Patented technology

BreakThru Multi-Cycle Barrier Valve Resources

Tech Sheet

Download the technical specs to see how the BreakThru Multi-Cycle Barrier Valve can optimize your operation.

Shatter your limitations

Give us some details about your completion challenge and we’ll show you how our patented BreakThru™ technology can systematically eliminate those obstacles.