Achieve full-bore ID at TD from the surface

With this bi-directional plug, operators can cost-effectively set their production packer and test tubing. Designed according to ISO 14310V0 and ISO 14998V0 specifications, the BreakThru Pump Open Barrier Valve from Nine Energy Service is run in-hole as part of the tubing string in a closed position.

Once it reaches TD, the plug can be opened remotely from the surface by applying pressure to a preset differential, set in 500 psi increments. Once differential pressure is achieved, the glass barrier shatters into fine sand-like particles, leaving a full-bore ID.

  • Highly engineered, V0 gas-tight barrier
  • Efficient and easy removal via surface pressure
  • Full tubing ID
  • Can be run as tubing test-barrier, packer-setting device, and well barrier
  • Proven track record with 1,000+ U.S. land installations, 99.97% successful
  • Low-cost solution

BreakThru Pump Open Barrier Valve Resources

Tech Sheet

Download the technical specs to see how the BreakThru Pump Open Barrier Valve can optimize your operation.

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