Take explosives out of the equation.

Conveyed by e-line, the E-Set from Nine is a non-explosive setting tool. Entirely electric-driven, it requires no power charges, igniters, hydrostatic pressure, or oil. This, in turn, eliminates the need for on-site tool redress, multiple setting tools, and tool redress, and explosive licensing and storage—improving safety all around.

Compatible with Titan ControlFire switch systems as well as most conventional safe perf systems, it directly replaces conventional setting tools and won’t harm wireline equipment.

With a maximum energy draw of 1.9 amps at 600 VDC it may be run on the bottom of a conventional wireline bottomhole assembly. The tool is designed to make 500 runs without the need to be redressed, eliminating midnight redress jobs on-location. It is also capable of recording time as well as plotting energy usage levels.

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Conveyed by e-line, Nine’s E-Set Tool is a non-explosive setting tool. Powered entirely by electricity, it requires no charges or igniters.

E-Set Tech Sheet

A non-explosive setting tool.

Convert hydraulic pressure to pull force.

The A-1 Hydraulic™ from Nine uses applied hydraulic pressure to set bridge plugs, composite plugs and more.

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