Solid Experience in Cementing Solutions

Our Crews Bring Expertise and Integrity to Every Well

Nine Energy Service delivers operational experience in downhole cementing, acidizing and pumpdown services critical to each well’s ultimate success. Our strong background coupled with the latest in high performance equipment makes Nine ready to meet the needs of even the most technologically challenging wells.  We deliver safe, efficient and quality service in a range of service lines.

Cementing Services

During the completion of an oil and gas well, cementing bonds the casing string together to establish well integrity. This prevents fluids from one formation from migrating and mixing with fluids in another formation and also protects the casing string from the corrosive effects of formation fluids. Nine's cementing services include Class A, H and C cements, lightweight and high-strength slurry designs, retarders and accelerants, gas-block additives, fluid-loss additives, and pre-flushes.

Cementing surface casing ensures:

  • Freshwater zones near the surface are protected
  • Oil and gas flow is stabilized
  • Unconsolidated formations and lost circulation zones are protected
  • Blow-outs are prevented through the installation of a blow-out preventer
  • Additional safety equipment can be attached at the surface level
  • Deeper strings of casing are supported well

Cementing intermediate casing ensures:

  • The largest section of the open hole is sealed
  • Formations in the open hole do not absorb drilling mud due to its increased weight at greater depths
  • The wellbore is separated from gas, water, salt, shale and lost production zones
  • Formations are protected from drilling and cementing operations
  • High-pressure zones are controlled
  • The production liner / casing is supported well

Cementing production casing ensures:

  • The wellbore is separated from gas, water, salt, and shale
  • The well is controllable at the wellhead through production and pressure control
  • Pay zones are protected from unwanted fluids
  • Drilling fluids can be changed out for completion fluids, which are more compatible with productive formations

Acidizing Services

To stimulate a well that is not flowing due to low permeability, acidizing creates channels in the producing zone. Nine's acidizing services include the application of hydrochloric acid, acetic acids, xylene, non-emulsifiers, and stabilizing and gelling agents.

Pump Down Services

Nine's specialized fluid pumping services include frac plug drill outs, tool pump downs, lateral section perforations and treatments, clean outs, packer settings, casing and tubing head pressure testing, hanger setting, coil tubing and snubbing support, and backside pressure maintenance.