Nine/Morphpackers Completion Solution

The Nine/Morphpacker completion solution gives you the precision and economy you want when you re-stimulate your wells.

At Nine Energy Service we never stop looking for ways to help you maximize your assets and increase production, and the Nine/MorphPacker technology is one of those powerful tools that really delivers. It offers you a quick, reliable and streamlined approach to re-stimulation of conventional and unconventional wells, enabling you to extend the life of your well.

Using breakthrough technology, the Nine/MorphPacker solution provides the most cost effective way to instantly isolate and refracture stages, reducing overall capital expenditure, personnel requirements, logistics costs and environmental footprint.

In short, the Nine/MorphPacker completion is re-fracing done right.


  • Super Slim OD and Big Bore ID design matching conventional pipe
  • Instant on-demand active metal seal
  • Simple deployment using conventional equipment
  • Simple, robust and reliable design with no moving parts and no leak paths
  • Differential pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi


  • Run in cased hole/energized with production tubing (or work string)
  • Re-stimulation of multi-stage wells
  • Isolation of old perforations
  • Remedial straddle-patching


  • Large ID allows for increased pumping rates
  • Full re-stimulation control
  • Minimal loss of ID matching standard liners
  • Inert metallic sleeve impervious to wellbore fluids
  • Flexible configuration/uses standard plug & guns and ball drop sleeve systems
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive expandable liners and unreliable chemical diverter solutions


Casing SizeCasing WeightTubing SizePacker ODPacker Drift IDPressure Ratings
4.500"9.5# - 13.5#3.500"3.650"2.867"10,000 psi
5.000"13# - 18"4.000"4.100"3.303"10,000 psi
5.000"21# - 24.2#3.500"3.750"2.867"10,000 psi
5.500"13# - 20#4.500"4.550"3.875"10,000 psi
5.500"23" - 26"4.400"4.400"3.303"10,000 psi

Other sizes and specifications available.