High-Salinity, High-Performance Packers

Time Equals Money. Save Both.

Fluid change out costs time and money. Our SwellSeal Swellable Packer is designed to cut that time practically in half. What’s more, our product delivers tailored deployment times, high swell volumes, exotic brine compatibility, and oil/ water/combination elements.


  • Available in water,  oil and hybrid reactive rubber compounds
  • Elastomer is bonded to the mandrel—integral assembly
  • Element lengths up to 30 feet
  • Approximate rating of 1,200 psi/1 foot of elastomer
  • Available in API mandrel sizes and grades
  • Casing weight compatible with liner
  • Casing thread compatible with liner
  • Custom rubber diameters for specific applications
  •  Custom rubber diameters for specific applications
  • Reacts quickly when on depth
  • Temperature range of 100° F to 360° F (dependent on type of compound)


  • Multi-stage fracturing
  • Multi-lateral isolation
  • Well construction
  • Aquifer protection
  • Micro-annulus control
  • Primary isolation
  • Solid expandable tubulars
  • Completions
  • ICD/screen/expandable screen isolation
  • Reservoir compartmentalization
  • Acid stimulation
  • Slotted/pre-drilled liners
  • Inflatable/mechanical packer back-up


We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. We customize completion solutions for each product, and provide the tools and knowledge to deliver the lowest costs and highest efficiencies. Nine is the first company with a ‘high-salinity’ swellable packer in the Bakken. Our custom-made packers provide swell times that are twice as fast as our competitors in high salinity fluids. While most swell packers require changing out fluids for fresh water, ours swells in fully saturated brine. This unique capability eliminates the need for hauling and storing freshwater and disposing of wellbore fluid, while saving significant time on the rig. Our product also provides stable performance in fresh water and oil based fuilds with no loss of performance and final swell volume.


When you require solutions fast, you need products you can trust. The Swell Seal Packer is rigorously tested to ensure it meets our high performance and safety standards—so it is ready to go when you are.


  • All testing carried in full scale where possible
  • Measured in three places every hour until required OD seal is met
  • 24-hour round-the-clock testing
  • Swell speed testing to confirm safe deployment window
  • Single element differential pressure testing
  • Testing facility capability up to 20,000 Psi/up to 400°
  • Implementing AWES OHZI Recommended Practices
  • 1-ft. and 5-ft. bonded-to-pipe test element mandrels – 1:1 scaled to base pipe
  • Text fixture ID – 1:1 scaled to packer seat
  • Swelled in customer fluid or approved alternative at required temperature
  • Tested with swelling fluid, single-end, at temperature with electronic data acquisition
  • 1-ft. and 5-ft. results allow for interpolation
  • Current process can be adapted to include 10-ft.+ bonded-to-pipe test mandrels