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Zonal Isolation Achieved by


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Case study

Near-Flawless performance in the Woodford


Provide zonal isolation utilizing 114 Freshwater Stinger Dissolvable Frac Plugs with dissolvable pump down ring.

  • 5.5-inch 20# casing
  • BHT: 135°F
  • TVD: ~6,000 feet
  • TD: ~21,000 feet
  • Frac Fluid: Freshwater
  • Cleanout run: 5 days after completing the last stage.


  • Successfully deployed, zonal isolation achieved, two plugs drilled at one minute each, two additional plugs tagged but did not require to drill.
  • Operator successfully completes first 3-mile lateral in company’s history


In August of 2022, Charter Oak Production Company was taking on their first ever 3-mile lateral. Having a vertical depth of only ~6,000 ft., they knew the challenge of limited weight with coiled tubing would be costly and time consuming. With the Nine Dissolvable Stinger being one of the shortest, and most proven plugs on the market, the operator decided to run them for the full wellbore.


Facing off against 114 plugs in two wells with a total measured depth of approximately 21,000 feet, the operator went in with coil for a quick clean-out run. Only two plugs required drilling out—each for one minute. Two additional plugs were tagged but did not require drilling. This efficiency saved the operator an estimated $200,000 on coiled tubing costs.

Proven and repeated

Charter Oak was so pleased with the Stinger’s performance that they have implemented this completion design moving forward. Ten days after completing this job, 114 additional Stinger plugs were delivered to their next pad, and their cost savings continued to grow. Get a printable version of these field trial results.