From wellhead to toe—Scorpion™ and Magnum plugs can service the entire completion process, reducing costs and non-productive time in a big way.

Two big names. One huge advantage.

Bringing to the table more than 80 patents, proprietary designs, and technology, we can help you overcome any completion challenge—and we mean any—from longer laterals and complex trajectories to unexpected casing restrictions.

Further reinforcing this expanded product offering is Nine’s commitment to providing our customers with exceptional service. With a footprint in every major North American basin, we have the tools, technology, and talent on-hand to lower costs, improve safety, and streamline production.

It’s game over for NPT.

For faster drill-out and minimized bit wear, Nine offers the Scorpion™ line of fully composite frac plugs. Completely eliminating plug drill-out, we offer a suite of Magnum dissolvable plugs for low, medium, and high-temperature applications. And our Scorpion™ Extended Range plugs are designed to minimize the risk of casing restrictions and integrity issues.

Scorpion Composite Frac Plug Case Study

Read the case study to see how Nine has tested its plugs. 20,000 feet of complex lateral, 144 plugs, one bit for millout.

Scorpion Extended-Range Plugs

When casing fails, Scorpion Extended-Range Plugs can get you out of tight and costly situations.

Scorpion Frac Plugs

Our tools offer a superior design that help maximize efficiencies in your wellbore. Learn more about our plugs.

Magnum Vanishing Plugs

Built to dissolve in a range of operating temperatures, Magnum Vanishing Plugs are accurate and reliable.

Magnum Hollow Point Plugs

Eliminating coiled-tubing intervention, the Magnum Hollow Point is one of the shortest dissolvable plugs available.

Our plug. Your play.

Whatever your completion challenge, we have the tools to meet it and the proof to back it up. Let’s talk.