One company working in the Haynesville was recently working a 16,600-foot lateral section, where temperature stability and fluid compatibilities were critical for success. So they turned to Nine to develop a custom solution.

  • Wellbore geometry: 6.75” OH x 5” Casing

  • Length of Lateral: 16,600 feet

  • Temperature: 350°F

  • Mud weight: 15.6 ppg


  • Exceptional density control achieved through slurry design, equipment, and experienced operators.

  • Lower than average pressures. Typical pressures on long lateral can exceed 8,000 psi at 3 bpm.

  • Unmatched pumping power during displacement ensures good mud removal and cement coverage.

How We Solved It

A custom solution to withstand extreme heat

Nine started the project by finding the balance between a slurry stable enough to withstand high temperatures, yet thin enough to avoid causing losses or exceeding maximum pumping pressures. Then combined that with Nine’s MS Spacer which has proven itself stable at temperatures upwards of 380°F and currently holds an 88 percent success rate among single-stage jobs. All deployed by our experienced operators.

Lower ECD without expensive latex solutions

The Haynesville Shale has always been demanding, but here the added lateral length raises the stakes. While Nine’s latex slurries are the pinnacle of quality and reliability, they come with a hefty price tag. So through extensive testing and slurry design, Nine developed a non-latex slurry that could provide low ECDs and pumping pressures while maintaining slurry stability — filling the need for a lower cost high-quality cement.

Tight spaces required Hard work and horsepower

Extensive lab testing and modeling software allowed us to create a customized pumping schedule. Manned with experienced crews and delivering more power than any other pump truck on the market, Nine’s Patriot Cementing Trucks are particularly crucial with challenging high-pressure wells.


Download and dig deeper

Looking for solid solutions? Grab the full PDF below for the project's parameters and pressure, rate, and density readout. Nine understands complex laterals, providing some of the most advanced technology and solutions. If you find you’re in a similarly tight spot on your next job and need high temperature stability and continuous casing rotation while reducing fluid loss in cement, dial Nine.

Proof of Performance

High temps, longer laterals, and tighter spaces. Read more about how Nine was able to help a customer in the Haynesville.

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