Every reservoir is unique. Successfully fracking those reservoirs requires equally unique fluid distribution strategies—a challenge compounded by increasing project complexity. As operators refrac existing wells or add additional perforations per stage, they often need a way to divert frac fluid to each perforation while controlling the cost.

Channeling productivity

Dropped from the surface, the Dissolvable Diverter Pod from Nine is a fully dissolvable tool that inserts itself into the casing perforation at the desired locations. Once the diverters are effectively lodged, frac fluid can then be pumped into the formation. The pods divert the fluid to other perforations in the casing string, allowing each cluster to be stimulated. This creates maximum production from the wellbore. Once the frac is complete, the pods completely dissolve.

Proof of performance

In Q1 of 2021, Charter Oak Production was re-fracking a well with 148 existing perforations. A previously bypassed zone was perforated with 42 new holes and Nine’s Dissolvable Diverter Pods were dropped into the wellbore. Featuring a proprietary shape, the pods were able to seal the irregular-shaped perforations, holding to the required differential pressure and allowing the previously bypassed zone to be stimulated.

The deployment was successful and Charter Oak is pleased with the well’s initial production and has placed their next order of Nine’s Dissolvable Diverter Pods.

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