Abandon the idea of well abandonment

The Scorpion Extended-Range Plug is designed with a smaller diameter to pass right through well-killing restrictions. When it reaches desired depth, the plug expands to securely fit inside casing over a range of ID sizes. Your completion continues as planned, so you can turn a potential abandonment into a positive push toward production.

  • Features
    • Compact design for a faster run-in
    • Ceramic button slips set securely in a hardened casing, such as ICY
    • Composite design enables fast mill-outs – just minutes per plug
    • Lug design on top and muleshoe on bottom eliminate spin during mill-out
    • Can be milled using conventional stick pipe or coiled tubing
    • Composite materials reduce debris size for easy removal
  • Technical Specifications
    • 10,000-psi pressure rating
    • Sets in up to P110-grade casing
    • Materials: eglass, epoxy, resin, woven fiberglass
    • Elements: nitrile, 80 durometer
    • Ball S.G. – 1.44 (other S.G. balls available)
    Technical Specifications Chart A
  • Sizes
    Casing SizeCasing I.D. RangePlug O.D.Plug I.D.Plug LengthOperating Range
    4.0"2.75" - 3.35"2.60"0.5"30"10K, 300°
    4.5"3.25" - 4.00"3.12"0.5"33"10K, 300°
    5.5"3.90" - 4.78"3.78"1.0"33"10K, 300°

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Nine helps make sure your completion doesn’t come to a grinding halt when you encounter downhole restrictions. We are established in every shale basin, so we can be on your wellsite quickly with the right plugs, the right equipment, and the right expertise – all ready to go.

The Nine team also provides advanced modeling software that allows you to visualize the wellbore and restrictions before plugs are deployed, so run-in speeds and pump-down rates can be optimized. With Nine on the job, you’re able to complete your well faster.


Nine continually develops advanced completion technology to help you overcome the challenges of long, complex horizontal wells in unconventional plays across North America.

Wireline Services

Using Cerberus Well Modeling software, our wireline team can help you optimize efficiency and performance and minimize risk in the most complex geologies.

Coiled Tubing Services

Our team can be on your site quickly, ready to service the longest and deepest wells across North America.

Ready to push past wellbore restrictions? We certainly are.

No matter your completions challenge, Nine is nearby and ready to mobilize with the proven tools and advanced expertise to help you solve it. Let’s get started.