Nine Lite Hollow Glass Spheres is a lightweight beaded cement material used to achieve low-density slurries, which are needed in areas that have have low fracture gradients or issues getting fluids to the surface.

  • Achieve low densities, high compressive strengths

  • Variety of crush strengths up to 8,000psi+ can accommodate any situation

  • Ensures beads are stable throughout an entire job and allows the design density at the surface to be the final density down-hole

  • Can formulate density to be anywhere between 8.4–13.2 PPG, with a final compressive strength from 150 psi to greater than 2000 psi

  • Combining our lightweight cement and Nine Lite HGS can reduce differential pressure and allow for elimination of lost circulation and reduction in formation damage


FlowLOK is a specialized combination of additives that gives cement slurries the enhanced ability to resist gas and water invasion during and after placement.

  • Has controlling properties such as post set expansion, static sel strength development, zero gel time and fluid loss

  • System initially developed to control shallow gas flows in the Potash mines area but has since been applied for shut off of formation water and injector well cross communication in the Delaware and Permian basin with
    marked success

  • Can eliminate sustained casing pressures


Flex 50H is a versatile, advanced polymer additive optimized for maintaining slurry stability and fluid properties in a wide range of applications. In higher temperatures, Flex 50H is one of the only polymers that maintain cement integrity, especially during long periods where the fluid may be static, such as the opening of an expandable liner hanger.

  • Exhibits 16x more acid resistance than conventional cement slurries and can be used in applications with high H2S content and harsh well bore conditions, such as disposal wells

  • Can be used in high-temperature applications for slurry stability, lower ECDs and outstanding fluid loss

  • Reduces risk of radial cracking with improved ductility compared to conventional cements

  • Used in narrow annular wellbores up to 370°F

  • Helps preserve sensitive formations and decreases surface viscosity making cement easier to mix ensuring a better quality cement job

  • At typical loadings, Flex 50H will provide a fluid loss value of 50ccs or less

Fast-Acting Resin Technology

Resin is a common fluid system used in oil well remediation. It is known in the industry to have superior mechanical performance when compared to conventional or micro cement systems, and a price tag to go along with that.

  • Customizes the chemistry for specific well conditions allowing operators to reduce conventional resin wait times by up to 75% (depending on the application)

  • Available in four bbl kits for jobs up to 235°F and inside of casing up to a 9.625-inch ID

  • Can run at densities from 9.0 lb/gal up to 16.0 lb/gal and provides a zero-permeability seal

  • Fluid system is applicable from 70°F up to 300°F and can be blended with cement to significantly improve the mechanical properties of the cement slurry

MS Spacer

The MS Spacer system reduces cement losses and formation damage from filtrate migration while eliminating the need to compromise on thickening times and compressive strength.

  • Uses ultralow invasion fluid technology to form a strengthening barrier at the wellbore wall , retaining its integrity and permeability for optimized production

  • Reduces slurry fallback after placement, preventing induced losses and eliminating costly remedial cement jobs

  • Enables the use of standard slurry designs and densities where highly extended or special lightweight slurries were previously required

  • Enhances hole cleaning prior to cement placement, effectively removing gelled drilling fluid by optimizing flow regime, density and chemical enhancement

  • Prevents cement fallback after placement, providing predictable and effective isolation

  • Allows increased ECD at casing depth in wells where the fracture gradient limits design density of the cement

  • Compatible with virtually all cement systems and drilling fluids

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