Training. Resources. Growth.

More than anything, we want our employees to succeed. Not only does it make for happy employees, but it also drives positive results for both our company and our customers. With this vested interest, Nine Energy Service is fully committed to helping our people make smart—and safe—decisions on their way to career fulfillment.

Safety is our number one priority at Nine and we are committed to training and safety programs that empower and enable our employees at the job site.

Moving up at Nine—no degree required

At Nine, you don’t need a college degree to climb the ladder. Just a strong grip and the willingness to step up.

Safety First

Everyone who works at Nine instinctively puts the safety of those around them first. It’s a policy passionately embraced throughout the organization. To that end, our safety programs are robustly proactive and include everything from knowledge-based training to programs that combat distracted or fatigued driving.

EHS Insight: This program is a software platform that immediately communicates incidents throughout the organization as they occur. This means if similar risk factors exist in different parts of the country, our employees are informed and can promptly mitigate them. Through digital photography, EHS Insight also allows for more accurate and efficient inspections.

Your future called. It’s waiting for you.

We are a growing company with job openings all over the country, in every field and at every level. With unlimited mobility, the possibilities truly are limitless. Discover your potential.

Responsible for keeping machines, mechanical equipment in repair.
The Completion Tool Specialist will provide technical assistance, repairs and services of downhole completion products and equipment. Verify that products delivered perform accurately on location of well.
Negotiates with representatives of Energy Companies utilizing energy service companies by performing the following duties individually and/or through team efforts.
A mechanical assembler puts together or fabricates components for machines or mechanical products.