Cementing Services

Unconventional formations call for exceptional solutions. We deliver with deep expertise in North American shale plays, modern equipment to boost efficiency and a range of advanced fit-for-purpose slurry technologies.

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Slurry Technology That Solves. Period.

Nine's newest cement slurries are custom-engineered to achieve flawless execution for a full range of cementing formations—from the most common to the highly complex—because failure isn't an option.

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Blend 27

When the job calls for lighter density, make sure you’re also getting higher strength. Our advanced high-quality slurry enables faster pumping while maintaining utmost cement integrity.

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Rapid Set 1

Minimize wait-on-cement and get back on the bottom drilling ahead. Our quick-setting cement is formulated to build strength in about six hours. You gain efficiency and reduce cycle time.

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Nine Lite

Achieve both the high density and light weight needed to successfully cement depleted formations. This non-blended, high-quality cement is formulated to match your geology and boost your pumping speeds.

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Breakthru Casing Flotation Device

Set yourself up for cementing success in the deepest horizontals. This device gives you the buoyancy needed to run casing to TD, does not require conventional device components and allows you to access more of your pay zone.

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The Patriot Cementing Pump Truck

Redefining operational reliability, the Patriot Cementing Truck from Nine features efficient functionality on any job site.

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Reduce rig time and labor costs with the new Trident Single Stage Solution. This innovative, lightweight slurry eliminates the need for packers and stage tools.

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Cementing success starts with advanced thinking

Take the smartest possible approach to cementing your well and speed your project toward optimal production. Nine delivers the advanced solutions needed to succeed in the most technical unconventional shale environments.

It starts with our people. Our cementing experts have deep experience helping customers overcome the most production-threatening challenges in North America’s most active shale plays. Drawing from this knowledge, we formulate slurries precisely fit to your formation and design the job using advanced modeling software. From there we deliver the job safely utilizing the latest equipment.

Expertise, R&D, technology, safety, speed, service. It’s a blend designed to bring you efficiency, quality and operational excellence.

Saving hours, dollars and reputations

Every project comes with a unique set of challenges. Nine has addressed all kinds, successfully and with quantifiable results.

BreakThru Casing Flotation Device - NNE

The Breakthru™ casing flotation device provided access to an additional USD 120,000 of recoverable gas reserves in a 9,000-ft lateral without further drilling.

Precisely where you need us, geographically and technologically

Nine Energy Service supports customers in major North American basins with comprehensive solutions and expertise.

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