Gain higher cement integrity and lower costs

When your cementing application calls for a light-density slurry, make sure you’re also getting high strength and optimal economics.

Blend 27 is formulated to allow a higher water ratio in the slurry, which delivers the light density desired for certain shale formations and job designs while saving you significant material costs.

Compressive Powerhouse

Unlike common light-density cements, Blend 27 has been developed with advanced chemistry that effectively makes the slurry stronger as the water ratio increases. It builds strength 60% faster and has 40% higher compressive strength than slurries of similar density. These enhanced mechanical properties allow you to achieve the rock-solid performance of traditional cement without the heavy density and higher costs.

You’re able to successfully pump across depleted zones without collapsing the formation and compromising the integrity of your cement job, casing, and the well itself. When Blend 27 sets, you’re assured that you’ve attained the structural durability needed to withstand harsh downhole conditions and build a dependable barrier to properly seal your well for optimal performance.

Pumping Perfection

When you go with Blend 27, you can be sure that Nine cementing engineers are designing the right slurry for your formation, and that the density will be consistent from the surface to TD. You get higher strength than typical light-density slurries, higher pumping rates than heavier slurries, and a higher degree of confidence when the job is finished.

Cement depleted zones without slurry loss

NineLite is a lighter weight and heavier density slurry formulated to match your geology and boost pumping speeds.

Let’s talk Blend 27

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