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Breakthru Casing Flotation Device

Watch our BreakThru tool in action. Access your full pay zone and optimize operations by eliminating debris caused by conventional components.

More efficiency, more savings, more recovery

A successful cementing job starts with successful casing placement. The BreakThru Casing Flotation Device helps you make it happen. It features a technologically advanced barrier that allows the buoyancy needed to float casing across long lateral runs.

No Debris to Slow You Down

Once TD is reached, pressure is applied to disintegrate the plug into fine sand-like particles. These fine particles are easily circulated out through sleeves, toe valves, and float equipment. There is no need for a debris trap, fluid flushes, or extra trips to retrieve device pieces. Instead, you can begin pumping cement right away. The engineered material barrier is extremely durable, providing a reliable seal under the extreme temperatures and axial loads encountered during run-in, yet reliably shatters once the casing is landed.

Less Shoe Track, More Pay

Because there is no debris trap or landing collar taking up space on the string, you’re able to gain access to the full wellbore. Instead of drilling wasted lateral, you’re getting more exposure to the pay zone sooner. You save rig time, eliminate the costs of extra threads and a landing collar, and boost your estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).

Model of Perfection

Nine engineers provide detailed modeling of the job up front. Before a single tool is run, you know that your casing is being set up for cementing success.


Download the BreakThru™ Casing Flotation Device product sheet for more information and technical specs.

BreakThru Tech Sheet

BreakThru Casing Flotation Device offers operational efficiencies while allowing operators to maximize their pay zones.

Additional $120,000 in EUR

Nine helped a customer land 17,000 feet of casing across a 9,000-foot lateral and boost recovery revenues.

Ask Nine

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  • How does the Breakthru device boost pay zone exposure?

    Our shoe track requirements are less than other devices, which saves you from drilling wasted lateral and allows more of the lateral to be completed.

  • How does the plug handle harsh downhole environments?

    The device is manufactured to perform. It is made from high-quality, ultra-durable engineered material, which can withstand extreme downhole temperatures and loads. Once the string is landed, pressure up to the activation pressure and the plug disintegrates, leaving the bore ready for cementing.

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