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Partner with Nine and put your cementing project on the right path, right now. Our cementing experts look at your project holistically – your geologies, job parameters, challenges and goals. From there we develop a custom solution that brings to bear the full capabilities of our cementing services.

R&D Laboratory

Our technicians and engineers work around the clock to develop and test advanced slurries to API specifications and promptly deliver the results to you – all to create the right properties for optimal performance in your particular formations.

Advanced Equipment

Our modern fleet is built for job efficiency. Full-sensor double cement pumps, 100% backup redundancy on hydraulic mixing systems, upright cement bins, 100-barrel batch mixers, full-range cement bond analysis, pump down spreads – we have the right assets to reduce risk and deliver project excellence.

Optimal Execution

Utilizing the latest modeling software, our cementing engineers design all elements of your job, from mud displacement to flow dynamics to pumping schedules. Then we work with you to execute that model to perfection, always with the goal of achieving the highest levels of efficiency, safety and success.

The Cementing Process

Nine is here to take on any cementing obstacle associated with your completions operation. Take an in-depth look at all components needed to run a successful cementing job.

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