Pump faster without losing cement to the zone

Depleted formations tend to drain heavier cements right out of the wellbore. Successfully cementing these zones calls for a precisely formulated slurry that is lighter in weight but has the higher density needed to hold form in the formation.

The answer is NineLite

NineLite is a pure non-blend cement that was specifically engineered to help operators continue to develop mature formations in the Permian Basin. It has since helped our customers succeed in other North American shale plays as well.


Our cementing specialists analyze the geology of your particular formation and customize the slurry formulation to match. When the job is run, you know the cement is optimized to perform, so you can achieve the bond you need to complete the well.

Quality Without Compromise

NineLite is both light and stable because the formula has high-quality ingredients at its core.

Nine invests in better slurry technology to protect the investment you’ve made in your well. When you choose NineLite, you can be sure you’re running a durable cement engineered to perform.

Big time rig time savings

NineLite can be formulated down to 10 pounds per gallon. The lighter you go, the quicker we can pump. So you can minimize rig time and move that much closer to a finished well that much faster.

Minimize set times and get back in the hole

Rapid Set 1 is formulated to set in about six hours with no need for accelerators, saving you drilling days.

Let’s talk Nine Lite

You have a unique cementing challenge. We’re in a unique position to help.