Save setting time, save rig time, save money

Can’t wait to get back in the hole and complete the well? Run your cement job using Rapid Set 1 and you don’t have to – at least not for long.

~ 6 Hours Setting Time

Rapid Set 1 typically sets in about six hours. In a mere fraction of a day, you achieve a fully hardened bond that’s ready for action. You get back to work sooner, so you can bring the well online sooner.

Advanced Pure-Blend Technology

Rapid Set 1 is the one true quick-setting cement. We formulate it with quick-setting properties in our state-of-the-art laboratories, so it comes to you ready for pumping. There is no need to calculate and mix in accelerator additives at the well site – a process required by other providers.

With Nine and Rapid Set 1 you gain simplicity, speed, and efficiency, allowing you to reduce overall rig days.

Get lightweight density and heavy-duty integrity

Blend 27 is a lighter-density, high-integrity slurry formulated to perform in harsh downhole conditions.

Let’s talk Rapid Set 1

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