Flying the flag of performance

For operators, time is the ultimate enemy. As wells become longer, deeper and more complex, equipment breakdowns and unexpected delays can throw a costly wrench into your completions. With the Patriot, Nine has built a cementing unit to accommodate faster pumping rates, reducing downtime along with the likelihood of equipment failure.

Delivering 1,100 hydraulic horsepower, the diesel-driven Patriot is the most powerful cementing unit in the U.S. land market. It’s ten percent more powerful than Nine’s existing unit, the previous record holder.

Expanded capacities

With this extra power, operators are able to raise the ceiling of their safe pumping capacities without depleting the longevity of the equipment. Faster pump rates shorten cycle times, reducing risk to assets and personnel.

Other features include increased capacity, including a mixing system with larger, more powerful centrifugals feeding a mixing tub — 45 percent larger than others on the market. Dedicated centrifugals for mixing water, recirculation and increase the mixing energy and improve the product output.

Simple, smart, reliable

Intelligently engineered, the Patriot Cementing Truck features fewer valves and connections, reducing risk and training time while eliminating potential points of failure. With 50 percent more covered deck space, operators have more room to perform necessary job functions and are protected from the outdoor elements.

Dedicated wireless transmission capabilities bring added productivity to even the most remote job sites, enabling real-time data transmission and status updates.

Haste, not waste

Rapid Set 1 from Nine sets up in six hours, getting you back in the hole faster than ever.

More power to be more productive

With the Patriot, you can work smarter and faster while saving on maintenance capital.

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