Lower your costs on rig time and cement

In basins such as the Permian’s Delaware, operators typically turn to stage cementing and packers to deal with isolation challenges. Unfortunately, this approach requires large volumes of cement, which can result in lost returns or a failure to bring cement to surface on the second stage — all of which add up to more time, more money and more delays. On top of that, remedial work is often required by the Texas Railroad Commission.

With the Trident Single Stage System from Nine Energy Service, there’s no need for stage tools or packers. Our proprietary slurry, a lightweight cement with moderate compressive strength (100-250 psi @ 10.4 ppg), offers an 85.7% success rate, compared to 63% for conventional solutions. That’s with 24% less volume pumped on single-stage intermediates, to-date.*

Collectively, this translates to a reduction in rig time and associated labor costs. On top of that, you’re using less cement — more than 250 bbl on a typical well, which could save you more than $10,000 per job.

The ultimate cementing unit

Fast and powerful, Nine’s 1,100 hydraulic horsepower Patriot Cementing Truck breaks our own performance record.

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