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Information is the currency of success. With AllSight, you can electronically track, evaluate, and manage every aspect of your coiled tubing job with real-time and historical data. Developed originally with RedZone, our specialized Internet-based software puts the unmatched power of better decision-making in your hands.

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AllSight Live Jobsite Dashboard

Better decisions come from better insight. Our internet-based dashboard lets you track, evaluate and manage every aspect of your coiled tubing job using real-time and historical data. You can see performance metrics, NPT, plug millout times, running footage, chemical and SDS information and much more.

Field-tested and fully operational with all of Nine’s coiled tubing units, AllSight provides

  • Complete transparency of coiled tubing operations, allowing you to make more informed decisions now and for future operations
  • Accurate, real-time job information including surface and downhole events, data acquisition monitoring, and comprehensive non-productive time statistics
  • Vital job information available from any internet-connected device
  • Data-point scrolling and zooming capabilities to clarify operational issues and performance in detail
    • Checklists to improve quality and safety issues, including digital Job Safety Evaluations, personnel certifications and renewal alerts along with inspection and maintenance histories
  • Comparative equipment data and performance metrics
  • Chemical information and relevant Safety Datasheets
  • Visual display of metrics such as rig-up times, non-productive time, time in well, plug millout times, running footage, and other relevant data.

Flex your analytical muscle even more

With our TruSight Downhole Memory Tool Logging Services, we make it even easier to measure the forces at play in deep, long laterals.

Ask Nine

When you live on the cutting edge, you field a lot of questions. If you don’t find the answers you need here, please reach out to us directly.

  • Can I view all of my jobs in AllSight?

    Absolutely. You can view by job type and stage, see who is assigned to work where and when, review certifications, know what equipment is being used and when it was last serviced, and have access to all of the well data in real-time.

  • Can I access AllSight from my mobile phone?

    Yes. AllSight works on most laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile devices, accessible through the password-protected website.

  • Can customers make changes to the job schedule or crew assignments?

    No. While customers are able to view job information with total transparency and make comments, they do not have access to make changes.

  • Can I get reports of the data from AllSight?

    Yes. Clients can obtain a PDF of the job logging events and download a copy of the post-job report. Performance trends can also be provided to your company through customizable illustrative reports.

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