Effective for use as a barrier for snubbing operations

The Single MagnumDisk Barrier Valve is primarily used as a barrier for snubbing operations. Once the tubing is landed, the pressure is applied down the tubing to create the required overbalance to remove the MagnumDisk internal barrier device. The Single MagnumDisk Barrier Valve is also used in conjunction with completion packer BHAs and TCP BHAs as an underbalance device. In these applications, the MagnumDisk internal barrier device is removed by applying pressure from the surface or with a MagnumDisk™ Drop Bar or Magnum Disk Breaker Tool with slickline or coiled tubing.

  • Economical alternative to profile nipple with a plug
  • Eliminates plug and prong removal runs
  • Used for snubbing applications in live wells*
  • Full-bore opening to tubing I.D. after Single MagnumDisk is removed
  • Gas-bubble rated available
  • Maximum surge potential of formation after perforating
  • Available with premium threads and materials
  • Can be run in hostile environments (H2S and CO2)
  • Rating: 400°F (204°C)
  • Can be run in heavy mud environments
  • Little to no interfering debris left in the wellbore
  • Can be pressure tested prior to installation
  • Reusable, with redressing kit
  • Patented technology

*Nine Energy Service recommends the use of the Single MagnumDisk for snubbing operations, as long as the pressure control company and/or operator have procedures in place to secure/control the well in the unlikely event of tool failure.

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Ideal for snubbing operations.

Pressure handling perfected

Give us some details about your completion project and we’ll be happy to help guide you to the ideal MagnumDisk frangible knockout sub.