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Perf Frac Diverter

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Gun Slinger™

Learn more about the Gun Slinger.

Magnum Tool Pusher™

Learn more about the Magnum Tool Pusher.

Magnum Hot Rod™

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Mill E-Z Composite Cement Retainer (Collet)

Learn more about the Mill E-Z CCR.

Magnum Series Composite Cement Retainer

Learn more about the Magnum Series CCR.

Interventionless Composite Cement Retainer

Learn more about the Interventionless CCR.

Go-Devil Drop Bar

Learn more about the Go-Devil Drop Bar.

Magnumdisk Drop Bar

Learn more about the MagnumDisk Drop Bar.

MX/MXN Nipple

Learn more about the MX/MXN Nipple.

Ask Nine

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  • Isn’t a plug a plug?

    Now that plug-and-perf completions have become the preferred fracking method, operators are seeking other ways to gain an edge. Building a better composite frac plug is just one of the many ways Nine is helping companies maximize their economic advantage.

  • What sort of technological advancements are available in frac plugs?

    Ideally, a frac plug needs to do two things: set reliably and be quickly removed from the wellbore so production can commence. The next generation of plugs has a composite content of 97 percent—which you find in the Scorpion Composite Frac Plug—allowing for a much faster drill-out.

  • Why does the length of a frac plug matter?

    Simply put, the math adds up. Let’s say you’re using a new plug that’s seven inches shorter than your previous plug. If you have 122 plugs in a lateral, that’s 71 feet you no longer have to drill out.

  • What are the risks encountered during completion?

    An over-torqued casing or wellbore abnormalities can often result in a casing integrity issue. This is an emergency situation in which the casing breaks, fails, or collapses, typically resulting in a casing patch. An extended-range plug can help isolate the stages below a casing patch.

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