The right solutions, well-applied

Every well comes with a unique set of variables. Successful completions require the appropriate technology, a nimble response, and flawless execution. Nine delivers on all counts.

We provide customized completion solutions for the most technically demanding wells—think complex geology and long, tortuous laterals. With a depth of experience in all major North American Basins, we’ve met practically every challenge in every application. And we’re continually expanding the technology around our completion techniques.

Our services are comprehensive and customized for you

  • Cementing the well at initial stages of completion
  • Isolating stages of extended-reach laterals
  • Plug-and-perf systems
  • Pinpoint frac-sleeve technology
  • Large diameter coil units and workover rigs
  • Drilling out plugs/cleaning wellbore to prepare for production

Demand rock-solid cementing experience

Nine has downhole down pat—with the cementing, acidizing and pumpdown services critical to your success.

Ask Nine

When you live on the cutting edge, you field a lot of questions. If you don’t find the answers you need here, please reach out to us directly.

  • Isn’t a plug a plug?

    Now that plug-and-perf completions have become the preferred fracking method, operators are seeking other ways to gain an edge. Building a better composite frac plug is just one of the many ways Nine is helping companies maximize their economic advantage.

  • What sort of technological advancements are available in frac plugs?

    Ideally, a frac plug needs to do two things: set reliably and be quickly removed from the wellbore so production can commence. The next generation of plugs has a composite content of 97 percent—which you find in the Scorpion Composite Frac Plug—allowing for a much faster drill-out.

  • Why does the length of a frac plug matter?

    Simply put, the math adds up. Let’s say you’re using a new plug that’s seven inches shorter than your previous plug. If you have 122 plugs in a lateral, that’s 71 feet you no longer have to drill out.

  • What are the risks encountered during completion?

    An over-torqued casing or wellbore abnormalities can often result in a casing integrity issue. This is an emergency situation in which the casing breaks, fails, or collapses, typically resulting in a casing patch. An extended-range plug can help isolate the stages below a casing patch.

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