Scorpion™ Extended Range Composite Plug

When your casing fails or collapses, it can cripple operations. You need a prompt diagnosis and remedy, but there aren’t always a lot of readily available options. Fortunately, Nine’s Scorpion™ Extended Range Composite Plug is designed to get you out of tight situations.

Featuring a small diameter, it’s designed to get through narrow restrictions, expanding to securely fit 4-inch, 4.5-inch, or 5.5-inch casing.

Through its wireline services, Nine also offers modeling software with the Scorpion™ Extended Range Composite Plug that allows the operator to verify that successful pumpdown operations can occur.

  • Ceramic button slips for a secure set in hardened casing (i.e. ICY casing)
  • Compact and easy running
  • Unique lug design on top and muleshoe design on bottom eliminating spin during drill out
  • Can be drilled using conventional stick pipe or coiled tubing.

This product may be covered by one or more patents or pending patent applications.

Casing Size

Casing I.D. Range

Plug O.D.Plug I.D.Plug LengthOperating Range
4.0"2.75" - 3.35"2.60"0.5"30"10K, 300°
4.5"3.25" - 4.00"3.12"0.5"33"10K, 300°
5.5"3.90" - 4.78"3.78"1.0"33"10K, 300°

Minimize Casing-Integrity Risk

Discover how the Scorpion™ Extended Range Composite Plug can help solve casing-integrity issues in complex horizontal wells.