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Scorpion™ Composite Plugs

As wells become deeper and laterals become longer, operators are seeking faster, more reliable frac plug solutions for zonal isolation. Manufactured almost entirely of composite material, the Scorpion™ Composite Plug from Nine is significantly shorter than most plugs of its kind, allowing for a much faster millout.

  • Shorter design for faster millout
  • Scientifically molded construction for excellent quality
  • Single elastomer element, compression-energized
  • Segmented backup rings
  • Ceramic gripping buttons

This product may be covered by one or more patents or pending patent applications.

Casing SizeWeightPlug O.D.Plug I.D.Plug LengthOperating Range
3.5"9.2# - 10.2#2.71".75"15.6"10K, 250°
4"11.6#3.00".75"17.5"10K, 250°
4"9.5# 3.12".75"22"10K, 250°
4.5"13.5# - 15.1#3.45"1.0"21"10K, 250°
4.5"9.5# - 13.5#3.65"1.0"21"10K, 250°
5"18.0# - 21.4#3.08"1.0"21"10K, 250°
5"18.0#3.90"1.0"23"10K, 250°
5.5"20.0# - 26.0#4.18"1.0"21"10K, 250°
5.5"20.0# - 23.0#4.37"1.0"21"10K, 250°
5.5"17.0#4.47"1.0"21"10K, 250°

Scorpion™ Composite Plug Saves Thousands of Dollars

Learn how Scorpion™ Composite Frac Plugs performed against market leaders and saved thousands of dollars per wellhead.

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