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Scorpion™ Composite Plugs

As wells become deeper and laterals become longer, operators are seeking faster, more reliable frac plug solutions for zonal isolation. Manufactured almost entirely of composite material, the Scorpion™ Composite Plug from Nine is significantly shorter than most plugs of its kind, allowing for a much faster millout.

A wave of benefits

Thanks to the dissolvable pumpdown ring that can be ran in conjunction with any of our frac plugs, the Scorpion’s reliability comes with added savings on fuel, horsepower, and water. Built for efficiency in the well, projects will benefit from this plug in more ways than one. The Scorpion with Dissolvable Pumpdown Ring is constructed from thermoset-molded composite and filament-wound fiberglass so you can reliably reduce your diesel fuel, horsepower requirement, and water needs during pumpdown operations.

  • Significant water savings with dissolvable pumpdown ring
  • Shorter design for faster millout
  • Scientifically molded construction for excellent quality
  • Single elastomer element, compression-energized
  • Segmented backup rings
  • Ceramic gripping buttons

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