Less material, more efficiency

Scorpion™ Pincer Composite Frac Plugs

The new and improved Scorpion frac plug is an operational powerhouse, reliably isolating zones across the longest, deepest laterals from toe to heel. And at only ~14 inches, it fast tracks your drillout operations. You’re able to target each zone, frac away, and move on to the next zone quickly. When you’ve got Scorpion Pincer plugs downhole, you’re saving time and money, and rapidly advancing your well plan to the next stage.

Scorpion Pincer Plugs are engineered to pack enormous strength into a much more compact body than similar plugs. They’re made from thermo-set molded composite and filament-wound fiberglass. That means Scorpion Pincers don’t crack under tremendous downhole forces, but they can also be speedily milled out when their hard work is done.

  • Wellbore Zonal Isolation
  • Reduced Milling Time
  • No Metallic Material
  • Segmented backup rings
  • Ceramic gripping buttons
  • Pumpdown ring available
  • Compatible with 1.75" OD - 2.375" OD frac balls
  • Molded and filament wound composite material for optimized performance
  • Small single elastomer element

Scorpion Pincer Resources

Scorpion Pincer Tech Sheet

Shorter design, less material, more time, and profitability.

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