The Magnum Vanishing Plug™

There when you need it—Gone when you don’t

Eliminate intervention completely with the Magnum Vanishing Plug™ from Nine Energy Service. Engineered to predictably dissolve in a range of common temperature and pressure specifications, the MVP helps you achieve greater operational efficiency. It’s particularly useful as laterals continue to get longer and out of the effective reach of coiled tubing.


  • Available for the low, medium, and high-temperature applications
  • Ball-in-Place option for 5-1/2” sizes, saving additional time and water
  • Dissolvable slips and shear-release mechanism
  • Eliminates the need for milling where tubing weight is a factor, such as in long horizontal wells
  • Less than one cubic inch of solids left behind when dissolved
  • Usage procedures and equipment identical to that of conventional composite plugs
  • Efficient wireline deployment speeds of up to 400 feet per minute
  • Proven anchoring and pack-off system design
  • Wireline-pumpdown compatible

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Magnum Vanishing Plug (High Temp)


Tech Sheet

Delivering predictable dissolve rates in common, high-temperature wellbores, the MVP shows incredible strength.


Nine has the Magnum Vanishing Plug you need to meet your next downhole challenge. Let’s talk—fast.