Field-proven for faster and greater savings.

Delivering the most advanced dissolvable technology in the industry, the Stinger Dissolvable Plug from Nine provides greater savings in multi-well plug-and-perf operations. And currently, it offers the leading solution to work consistently and predictably in all temperature applications.

By dissolving, operators avoid the time, risks and costs associated with conventional completions—operators save in upfront Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) costs. Because they get to production faster, operators also see an Increased Rate of Return (IRR). The Stinger also eliminates the need for coil, which can result in weeks of downtime and up to $1 million in costs if stuck downhole.

The Stinger is designed to be one of the shortest dissolvable frac plugs to date, featuring a single as opposed to dual slips. This design is made possible thanks to the unique sealing mechanism that eliminates the need for a mandrel and allows for a smaller element, improving dissolution.

The Stinger features a larger ID to accommodate immediate flowback and freshwater magnesium, which works in all environments, including high-chloride reuse water.

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Stinger Extended-Range Dissolvable Plugs

Complications downhole are completely unplanned, expensive, and can halt a downhole operation entirely. We've engineered the Stinger ER Dissolvable Frac Plug with those complications in mind making well intervention a thing of the past.

Measuring in at about 9.5" in length, this fully dissolvable frac plug is among the shortest extended-range plugs in today's market and can reliably hold pressures up to 10,000 psi. The Stinger ER is also comprised of the same great material which is used in our Magnum Vanishing Plug™ offering predictable dissolution rates and overall assurance that this piece of technology will perform in the longest of laterals.

The Stinger ER Dissolvable Frac Plug can be designed to fit your specific needs working in low, medium, and high-temperature environments.

This product may be covered by one or more patents or pending patent applications.


Significantly shorter than most composite plugs, the Scorpion™ Composite Plug from Nine Energy Service is designed to deliver much faster, reliable millout in long, lateral wells.

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