Pressure applied. Pressure relieved.

Nine offers a variety of production packers designed for a wide range of zone isolation, injection, pumping, and production requirements—along with an equally diverse suite of service tools.

We combine cutting-edge equipment with skilled and experienced technicians who understand the production and budget challenges our customers face. With flexibility and efficiency, we strive to meet those challenges.

Our production packer solutions include:

  • AS1-X Retrievable Production Packer
  • VS1-X Full-Opening Retrievable Production Packer
  • Crest III Weight-Set Service Packer
  • R3 Double- or Single-Grip Compression-Set Retrievable Packer
  • Large-Bore R3 Double- or Single-Grip Compression-Set Retrievable Packer
  • Lok-Set Compression-Set Retrievable Packer
  • Compact AD-1 Tension-Set Retrievable Packer
  • Large-Bore ADL-1 Tension-Set Retrievable Packer

Rock-solid cementing expertise.

Completing more than 17,000 cementing jobs since 2014, we bring a degree of efficiency you won’t see anywhere else.

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