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Perf Frac Diverter

See how the Perf Frac Diverter can optimize mid-stage diversions and refracs. Divert your fluids, not your profits.

Getting fluid distribution strategies right on the money. Literally.

Reservoirs are as complex as they are unique. That’s why having an equally unique fluid distribution strategy is critical for every wellbore. These strategies can be particularly challenging when operators are attempting a refrac or want to add additional perforations to an existing stage.

The Perf Frac Diverter from Nine Energy Service ensures each cluster is stimulated which optimizes production, efficiency, and returns. This technology is dropped from the surface and features fully dissolvable diverter pods that insert themselves into the casing perforation at the desired locations.

Once the diverters are effectively lodged, frac fluid can then be pumped into the formation. The pods divert the fluid to other perforations in the casing string, focusing pressure to achieve maximum production returns. The diverters will dissolve once the frac is complete.


  • 10,000 psi rated
  • Fully dissolvable
  • Anchor in perf during frac
  • Overall length of 1.75” and diameter of 0.88”

Perf Frac Diverter Resources

Perf Frac Diverter Spec Sheet

Target your fluid distribution strategies.

Perf Frac Diverter PoP

Read how an operator successfully achieved stimulation in previously bypassed zones.

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