Frac Plug Evolution

Pumpdown, set, and effectively achieve zonal isolation for fracs. Engineered for optimal downhole efficiency, the Pincer is a considerable advancement in completion tool technology. This innovation significantly reduces bit wear, allowing for more plugs to be milled in a single trip.

With remarkable pumpdown efficiency and a commitment to industry-leading performance, the Pincer emerges as a versatile solution that redefines completion efficiency for the modern energy landscape.

Compact Size, Reliable Impact

Enhanced by its innovative hybrid design, integrating both composite and dissolvable materials, the Pincer empowers operators to optimize their operations without geographical or basin restrictions.

In addition to being nearly half the size of the Scorpion plug, the Pincer boasts remarkable speed and strength, ensuring steadfast grip and swift release. The dissolvable components predictably dissolve in variable downhole temps and wellbore environments.

Speed Beyond the Surface

For operations, time is an invaluable asset. The Pincer exemplifies speed, with an average millout time of 3 minutes per plug. It accelerates and optimizes overall workflow, ensuring the effective utilization of every crucial moment.


• Effective wellbore zonal isolation

• 47% less material than Scorpion™ frac plugs

• 12.1" in length

• Reduced milling time

• Segmented backup rings

• Ceramic gripping buttons

• Pumpdown ring available

• Compatible with 1.75" OD - 2.375" OD frac balls

• Molded and filament wound composite material for optimized performance

• Small single elastomer element

Pincer Resources

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Pincer Proof of Performance

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