A revolutionary solution for existing wells.

The REGEN™ Fullbore Liner Top Packer (FLTP) is an advanced slim hole HPHT compression-set packer designed to remedy any leak between the liner and parent casing without the requirement of costly cement squeezes.

The REGEN™ FLTP can be run either as an integral component of the primary liner system, or run separately using an anchor latch system, offering compatibility with both new and existing REGEN™ Liner Hanger system installations. It delivers a HPHT annular seal between the top of the liner hanger and casing, while delivering best in class ID for standard frac plugs in all refrac operations.


  • Provides a quick and predictable contingency repair in the event of a liner lap leak,
  • High-pressure/high temperature environments,
  • Use in wells with low BHP where cementing may be a challenge.


  • Reduces hydrostatic on the cement, helping to avoid losses in the liner lap

  • Protects liner tops during the most demanding refrac operations

  • Custom elastomeric seal ensures seal integrity at moderate temperatures and pressures

  • Metal-to-metal sealing system ensures seal integrity at high temperatures and pressures

  • Bonded element prevents swab-off while running and cementing


  • 5-1/2” x 4”
  • 5” x 3-1/2”
  • Custom size


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