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The REGEN™ Liner Hanger is a robust, field-proven slim hole HPHT hydraulic set liner hanger, available with an optional liner top packer for the recompletion and refracture of current well stock.

It also allows the operator to deploy a conventional liner inside their existing well with just a single drop in liner size, thereby enabling conventional plug and perf operations and maximum stimulation pump rates.

The REGEN™ Liner Hanger anchors and centralizes the liner top in the well, reducing harmonics, erosion and vibrations, which can otherwise cause damage to both the cement and parent casing. The system eliminates the need for additional intervention trips or clean-out trips, as there is no need to retrieve the uncemented portion of the liner.


The REGEN™ Liner Hanger can be deployed in both cemented and uncemented applications.

In uncemented applications, isolation can be achieved by utilizing the REGEN™ Refrac Packer.



  • Hydraulic set

  • Operationally simple and robust

  • Field-proven technology

  • Slim run-in-hole OD

  • Short length

  • Proprietary slip design

  • Hold down options available

  • Premium internal seals

  • Anti-preset system

  • Matches liner drift

  • Available with optional Liner top packer


  • 3-½" x 4-½"
  • 3-½" x 5"
  • 4" x 5-½"
  • 4-½" x 5-½"
  • Custom size

A Look at REGEN™ Refrac Tools in Action

A Look at REGEN™ Refrac Tools in Action

Watch a demonstration of how REGEN™ Refrac tools enhance a project with step-by-step visuals showcasing what’s happening inside and outside the pipe.


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