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The REGEN™ Wet Shoe Sub (WSS) is a component of our REGEN™ Liner Hanger system. The WSS has an integrated landing profile for the cementing dart that can be shifted with hydraulic pressure. This allows the operator to pump their cement job as per their plan, and once the dart lands in the WSS, the operator can set any subsequent hydraulic tools or perform any required tests at pressures up to 10,000psi prior to shearing the WSS and regaining circulation.

Operators can carry out cement operations as normal and, subsequently, allow perforating guns or other intervention equipment to be pumped into the well - saving the costs and time of tractors or coil tubing.


The REGEN™ Wet Shoe Sub can be used in cemented liner applications.


  • Integrated landing profile

  • Optionally match OD and drift of liner

  • Operationally simple and robust

  • Field-proven technology

  • Slim run-in-hole OD

  • Short length

  • Rotationally locked internals

  • Compatible with REGEN Dual Ball Seats and REGEN Landing Collars

  • Interchangeable wiper dart seat insert

  • Useable in cemented liner applications


  • 3-½"
  • 4"
  • Custom size


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