Put hydraulic pressure to work for you.

Converting applied hydraulic pressure into a pull force, the A-1 Hydraulic™ from Nine is used to set bridge plugs, composite plugs, packers and cement retainers. No ballistics or rotation required. No wet-string pullouts.

With a narrow design, it can easily get in and out of tight spots. Its large piston area delivers all the performance at lower pressure requirements. Because it can circulate while running downhole, it mitigates risk of collapse and washes debris away fro the plug’s path.

The A-1 Hyraulic automatically balances the wellbore fluid and can withstand high tensile loads. Coupling to most adapter kits, the setting tool is deployed into the well by using coiled tubing, tubing or drill pipe.

One trip. No rotation.

Nine’s Hydromechanical™ setting tools can set composite cement retainers and circulate cement without the need for rotation or multiple trips.

A-1 Hydraulic™ Resources

Tech Sheet

View the A-1 Hydraulic™ technical specifications.

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To learn more about the A-1 Hydraulic setting tool and what it can do for you, contact your Nine representative.