Cementing Equipment

Taking The Field With Modern Equipment And Fleets

With every job we undertake, Nine Energy Service demonstrates its commitment to raising the standards of quality and efficiency.  We start by putting modern fleets and equipment in the hands of highly experienced crews. We work closely with manufacturers to bring new, “fit for purpose” equipment to your worksite so we can deliver the optimum results.

Key assets in the Nine fleet include:

Double Cement Pumps

Each of the double cement pumps uses a recirculating mixing system with an eight-barrel tub. All units are 100% redundant since the units contain two of the following pumps, hydraulic systems, mixing pumps and electrical systems.

These newly-fabricated trailer-mounted units consist of:

  • A data acquisition monitoring system
  • Twin Cummins QSK engines rated at 665 brake horsepower
  • Two Allison 6061 transmissions
  • Two Demay HD-500 triplex pumps with 4.5" plungers capable of 11,200 PSI
  • 240' of 2" Fig 1502 treating iron
  • Two 4' x 5' water suction centrifugals
  • Two 5' x 6' recirculating centrifugals


Nine’s 100-barrel batchmixers consist of multiple centrifugal pumps allowing for consistent mixtures of numerous spacers and consistent weighted cement slurries.

Pump Down Spreads

These trailer-mounted pump down units consist of:

  • Cummins QSK 50 V-16 diesel engine coupled to a twin disc torque convertor and twin disc transmission
  • Garnder Denver 2500 horsepower quintiplex pump with 4.5" YWS fluid ends
  • Remote control digital data acquisition system
  • Approximately 300 feet of 3" treating iron and swivels on a separate trailer that accompanies each pump down unit

Upright Cement Bins

Nine utilizes upright cement bins to improve logistics. These units allow onsite storage of cement with a reduced footprint to provide a safe, cost-effective and operationally-friendly arrangement.