Coiled Tubing Services

Nine Coil Tubing is a leading provider of coiled tubing services within the U.S., focusing on providing cost effective solutions to challenging wellbore environments. With a proven history of performance excellence, we have continued to differentiate ourselves through a combination of forward-leaning technology, modern equipment, integrated services, and an emphasis on quality. Defined by our people, we build on the experiences and the applied knowledge of our team to create reliable solutions, driving efficiencies for our customers.


We utilize leading industry technologies in support of our fleet of coiled tubing units. Additionally, we continue to pioneer new innovations advancing data driven decisions at the well site.

Our equipment is designed for rapid rig up and rig down processes while enabling safe, efficient operations. Partnering with our customers, we provide pre-job planning and logistics including: real-time data transmission, safety analysis, fuel trucks, and post-job analysis.

We are a full-service provider and our fleets contain all equipment necessary for project completion. Our equipment and services include:

  • Large capacity coiled tubing units:
    • 24,500’ of 2 5/8”
    • 25,000’ of 2 3/8”
    • 25,000’ of 2”
  • Fluid pumping: dual 850 HHP quintuplex pumps
  • Nitrogen pumping: dual180 SCFH heat recovery pumps
  • Nitrogen transport: 6,500 gallon capacity
  • Cranes: 50-ton to 120-ton
  • Cerberus™ / Orion™ data acquisition
  • Tubing forces and hydraulics pre-job modeling
  • CoilData™ real-time data streaming
  • Post-job reporting