The Way Completions Should Be

Nine Takes a Different Approach to Completions – Yours

Nothing is predictable in the oilfield. Maximizing production and minimizing costs is a balancing act. In challenging, unconventional environments, it’s important that you have a partner who understands how to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

At Nine Energy Service, we don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. We customize completion solutions for every project—and provide the tools and the knowledge to deliver the lowest costs and highest efficiencies. With Nine, you have access to a full array of completion solutions, all designed, tested and proven in most of the major plays throughout North America.

Our proof of performance.

Nine has a proven track record with over 55,000 successful stimulation zones deployed since 2007. In addition, we have a number of proprietary products that offer unmatched performance. And with an industry-leading plug-n-perf team, we are ready to deploy when you need us the most.

Nine brings you a comprehensive completions portfolio.

The oilfield is unpredictable, and the demands to achieve objectives while operating responsibly are high. As a recognized leader in liner hanger installations, Nine provides consistent service, innovative solutions and proven experience to help you succeed.

Our unconventional completion services include:

Nine's Cemented Completions System

  • Nine’s cemented liner hanger solution is available as a Hydraulic Set Hanger/Packer, Rotatable Liner Hanger/Packer or Cemented Long-string 162 mm (6.38 in).
  • For plug n’ perf, Nine offers 10K and 15K surface equipment with a digital-encoded RF SAFE firing system. Various gun configurations are available, and are compatible with all bridge plugs on the market. Our plug n’ perf system can be wireline or coiled tubing deployed.
  • Ball activated frac sleeves are available in both Single and Cluster Point with high burst ratings, torque thru design and adjustable opening pressure.
  • The Toe Initiation Valve is a hydrostatic valve that operates on casing pressure that allows for testing of casing prior to fracing.
  • Nine can accommodate and will recommend the appropriate float shoe and landing collar combinations.


Nine's Open Hole Completions System

  • Nine’s open hole liner hanger solution is available in hydraulic and rotatable hangers/packers.
  • The hydro-mechanical packer is available for 10K and 15K applications and has a full drift ID and torque thru design with adjustable setting pressure.
  • Ball activated frac sleeves are available for 10K and 15K applications with torque thru capabilities. The sleeves utilize multi-ball seats in smaller sizes with adjustable opening pressure.
  • The Swell Seal Packer offers a full drift ID and torque thru capabilities. The packer is available for oil, water or hybrid swelling options with customizable lengths and gauge ring diameters.
  • The toe initiation valve allows for pressure testing from toe to wellhead for two cycles, and then opens to formation at lower pressure on the third cycle. The valve is available for open hole or cemented applications.
  • Nine can accommodate and will recommend the appropriate float shoe and landing collar combinations.




Our conventional completion services include:

TCP Services

  • Our TCP systems are designed to deliver a total completions solution utilizing permanent and retrievable systems, conveyance methods including tubing, drill pipe, wireline and coil tubing in both vertical and horizontal wells.
  • Engineered firing systems and accessories along with a wide range of high performing perforating guns ensure optimum results specific to all of your needs.
  • All options can be deployed in long or short intervals and also in both balanced and underbalanced conditions.

Liner Systems

  • Hangers
  • Packers

Production Packers

  • An elite range of permanent, retrievable, and mechanical production packers and accessories for maximizing production and increasing Completion longevity.