HOUSTON – August 17, 2015 – Nine Energy Service, Inc. (Nine) Completion Tool Division and GEODynamics, Inc. (GEODynamics) announced jointly today that they have entered into an agreement whereby Nine will be the exclusive provider of GEODynamics’ FracDock™ Intervention-free Frac System and associated GEOBall™ Dissolvable Ball in North America.

The patented FracDock Intervention-free Frac System is a game-changing technology replacing frac plugs in plug and perf operations. Designed to minimize subsequent coiled tubing well intervention procedures, FracDock eliminates the need to drill out plugs, and allows for limited risk of premature plug setting. As the largest ID frac plug on the market, Operators can re-enter the well bore if needed with coiled tubing or production tubing, driving down costs and mitigating safety hazards.

“We are excited to introduce new technology that will allow our customers to complete wells at a lower cost,” said Ann Fox, President and CEO of Nine. “This agreement also helps solidify our strategic partnership with GEODynamics. As two leading independent providers, the blending of GEODynamics’ design, engineering and manufacturing expertise with Nine’s service quality and execution, will bring tremendous value to our customers moving forward.”

Chris Payson, President of US Completions, and an EVP for Nine, added, “FracDock is a unique technology unlike anything in the market today. Eliminating the need for our customers to drill out plugs enables them to optimize their spend by reducing completion times and transitioning the well to production quicker. Some 5.5” tool sizes have larger than a 4.00 inch ID, and all of the 5.5” tools developed to date have a large enough bore to allow Operators to use 2-7/8” production tubing for life of well operations for future cost reductions.”

David Wesson, GEODynamics’ President and CEO stated, “Nine’s well completions expertise and solid reputation is the perfect fit to introduce GEODynamics’ most recent well-completion innovation to the North American market. As the industry seeks to reduce and save costs at every turn, we believe operators will be well served by the quality and efficiencies of this partnership.”

Phil Snider, GEODynamics’ Completions Advisor, and FracDock Product Champion, added, “We owe a debt of gratitude to the two Operators willing to provide the initial trial wells for the technology development. They had the vision to help support the project and will benefit because of it. The combined engineering and operations team learned a tremendous amount from these wells to improve the tool designs and improve performance for Operators. We gained significant insight into factors effecting dissolving/degradable materials that many people didn’t recognize as being important. We will continue to foster these relationships, as field trials will remain critical to upcoming completion tools development projects we envision.”

About GEODynamics

GEODynamics is the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of engineered solutions used in oil and gas well completions. GEODynamics’ solution-oriented product line spans from perforating systems (including its patented REACTIVE® and CONNEX® perforating technologies and FracPlane™ Limited Entry Perforating Systems) to an innovative line of well completion tools (including SmartStart Plus™ Test and Frac Valves) and numerous other well completion products and technologies. GEODynamics has headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Millsap, Texas; technical sales offices in The Woodlands, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Fort Worth, Texas, Villa Hermosa, Mexico and Calgary, Alberta, Canada; 13 U.S. warehouses; and additional international sales and distribution sites.

For more information about GEODynamics, visit their website.

About Nine Energy Service, Inc.

Nine Energy Service, Inc. is a leading North American onshore completion and production services provider that targets unconventional oil and gas resource development. Nine partners with exploration and production customers across all major onshore basins in both the U.S. and Canada to design and deploy downhole solutions and technology to prepare horizontal, multistage wells for production. Nine is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operating facilities in the Permian, Eagle Ford, MidCon, Barnett, Bakken, Rockies, Marcellus, Utica and throughout Canada.