HOUSTON, TXFebruary 23, 2016 – Nine Energy Service, Inc. (Nine) successfully completed their first 50-stage Divert-A-Frac open hole system for a large, global independent operator in the Williston Basin.

All 50 stages were successfully placed and the stimulation job was completed as designed with a total of 3.5 MM lb proppant and 52,300 bbl fluid. The stimulation took just over 50 hours, averaging ~1 hour per stage, with zero non-productive time (NPT) related to the system operation.

“The operator was looking for a single-point entry solution to significantly increase their stage count from 35 to 50 without resorting to limited entry cluster stimulation,” said Rickey Green, Vice President for the Rocky Mountain Region. “This success was a result of detailed testing and analysis of Nine’s Divert-AFrac Port Sub (DAFPS-III) frac sleeve to confirm the 50-stage design was sound.”

Rickey and his team worked closely with the operator to engineer the system for their 10,000-ft laterals. The DAFPS-III frac sleeves were pressure tested with dissolvable metallic actuation balls, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis demonstrated that ball-on-seat performance would not be affected by the planned proppant stimulation in the 50 sleeve system.

“This success demonstrates Nine’s ability to engineer and execute a customized solution to fulfill operator needs,” said Ann Fox, President and CEO. “We are proud of our team and we continue to invest in talented people who deliver exceptional results.”

The Divert-A-Frac open hole system 50-stage sleeve capability will enable operators working in the Bakken and other formations to stimulate their wells with more stages, at higher rates with more control over fracture initiation and propagation than with traditional cluster stimulation.

About Nine Energy Service, Inc.

Nine Energy Service, Inc. is a leading North American onshore completion and production services provider that targets unconventional oil and gas resource development. Nine partners with exploration and production customers across all major onshore basins in both the U.S. and Canada to design and deploy downhole solutions and technology to prepare horizontal, multistage wells for production. Nine is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operating facilities in the Permian, Eagle Ford, MidCon, Barnett, Bakken, Rockies, Marcellus, Utica and throughout Canada.