Nine Energy Service partnered with Casto Petroleum Engineering (CPE) to conduct a thorough analysis of 114 horizontal Eagle Ford Shale wells, which underwent re-fracturing (refrac) using Nine’s advanced cemented liner technology. These wells were completed using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and were produced for an average of 8 years. Each well had a casing liner installed and cemented in place. New perforations were made within the liner to facilitate the refrac process and these wells were stimulated using modern completion techniques and brought back into production.

Nine and CPE estimated the amount of oil each well would recover during three different stages of its production history: before the refrac EUR, the pre- and post-refrac EUR, and the incremental refrac EUR resulting from the refrac using Nine’s technology. For a standard lateral length of 5,000 feet, this translated to an average original EUR of 250,000 barrels of oil, a pre- and post-refrac EUR of 400,000 barrels, and an incremental EUR of 150,000 barrels of oil from the refrac.

The economic assessment, considering factors like capital and operating expenses, showed promising returns. To learn more about the details of the positive results of using Nine’s liner technology, download the study here.


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