Nine Energy Service’s completions technology reaches a monumental milestone–over 250,000 Scorpion™ Composite Plugs sold to date. The Scorpion comes from Nine’s robust line of composite plugs designed with extreme durability and outstanding drill ability for the longest laterals in America. “We never had a doubt the Scorpion would sell. The short, durable design allows for exceptional isolation and faster millouts, setting this product apart from every competitor,” said Completions Tools President Nick Pottmeyer.

Scorpion is the first in its class to deliver a dependable, durable, and cost-efficient method for temporary zonal isolation during plug-and-perf operations in both vertical and horizontal wells. The built-to-last tool has an incredible track record and has the ability to endure the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

In the industry, the Scorpion has set a new standard for fast. On average, the Scorpion Composite Frac Plug has a mill-out time of approximately 4 minutes per plug, compared to similar composite plugs on the market. "This tool has been a game-changer in the industry and its innovative technology helps our customers save money and time on their completions," Nine’s Chief Technology Officer Clair Holley said.

With a proven track record of success, the Scorpion offers a variety of casing sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6.0 inches, giving operators a full spectrum of well completion tool options that fit their needs for effective zonal isolation downhole. Known for its superior design and efficiency, the Scorpion Plug utilizes a patented slip design that combines extreme reliability with industry-leading drill-out times. The remaining components feature highly engineered molded and filament materials resulting in an exceptionally high-quality frac plug. “Operators can drill them out in a single run without having to change the bit, saving substantial time and equipment wear—and ultimately increasing profitability,” Holley said. “We’re really proud of this product, and more importantly, we’re honored to be part of the significant impact this technology will continue to have on the oil and gas industry.”

Nine prides itself on customer feedback and constant innovation to maintain and expand its competitive edge. “Our success stems from a culture driven by performance and flawless well site execution,” Pottmeyer said. Nine has access to world-class resources to perform unconventional completions, cementing, wireline, and coiled tubing services while partnering with customers to develop unique, customized solutions that drive efficiencies. “We want to uphold our reputation of going where others can’t, and that starts with providing cutting edge technology for operators’ most challenging wells.”

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About Nine Energy Service

Nine Energy Service is an oilfield services company that offers completion solutions within North America and abroad. The Company brings years of experience with a deep commitment to serving clients with smarter, customized solutions and world-class resources that drive efficiencies. Serving the global oil and gas industry, Nine continues to differentiate itself through superior service quality, wellsite execution and cutting-edge technology. Nine is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operating facilities in the Permian, Eagle Ford, SCOOP/STACK, Niobrara, Barnett, Bakken, Marcellus, Utica and Canada.