Over 60,000 successful runs with the Stinger™ and counting

Recently, the team at Nine Energy Service surpassed a significant milestone. With over 60,000 successful runs, the Stinger Dissolvable plug has proven itself as an innovative and reliable isolation solution for operators. The Stinger continues to be the leading dissolvable solution to work consistently and predictably in all wellbore environments. In addition, it provides great savings in plug-and-perf operations while mitigating risks, saving time, and reducing emissions by eliminating the need for drill-out operations needed in traditional composite plug completions.

“Nine has been on the forefront of dissolvable technology,” said Nick Pottmeyer, Nine’s President of Completion Tools. “Our expertise in the material science needed for dissolvable technology, coupled with our patented plug design, has enabled us to produce a significant run history in a short period of time.”

Nick Pottmeyer continued, “Adoption of dissolvable plug technology is increasing as our customers look for new ways to drive efficiencies while lowering costs and greenhouse gas emissions. I am very proud of the team for what they have accomplished and look forward to partnering with our customers.”

The Stinger stands out as one of the most compact dissolvable frac plugs to date, boasting a single slip design that eliminates the requirement for a mandrel. The innovative sealing mechanism enhances dissolution efficiency. Additionally, the Stinger incorporates a larger internal diameter (ID) to accommodate immediate flowback and it predictably dissolves in various environments, including those with fresh water and high-chloride reuse water.

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About Nine Energy Service

Nine Energy Service is an oilfield services company that offers completion solutions within North America and abroad. The Company brings years of experience with a deep commitment to serving clients with smarter, customized solutions and world-class resources that drive efficiencies. Serving the global oil and gas industry, Nine continues to differentiate itself through superior service quality, wellsite execution and cutting-edge technology. Nine is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operating facilities in the Permian, Eagle Ford, SCOOP/STACK, Niobrara, Barnett, Bakken, Marcellus, Utica and Canada.