High-Quality, Fully Composite Plugs

Unconventional Simplicity

The Nine Scorpion™ Composite Plug delivers a dependable, durable and cost-efficient method for temporary zone isolation during stage fracs in both vertical and horizontal wells. With a proven track record of success, Nine’s Scorpion Composite Plug offers a variety of plug sizes ranging from 3.5” to 5.5” – giving you choices when you need them.


 10K, 300°

Casing SizeCasing RangePlug O.D.Plug I.D.Plug LengthOperating Range
3.5"9.2#" - 9.3#2.72"1.0"20"10K, 300°
4"9.5" - 11.0#3.12"1.0"22"10K, 300°
4.5"9.5# - 15.1#3.60"1.0"22"10K, 300°
5.5"17.0# - 23.0#4.18"1.0"22"10K, 300°
5.5"17.0# - 23.0#4.37"1.0"22"10K, 300°


The Scorpion Composite Plug has a shorter length with fewer buttons on its upper slips. This packer design reduces the risk of breakage seen with ceramic slips commonly used with competitors’ plugs.

Packer-style composite plug

  • Single elastomer element – compression energized
  • Segmented back-up rings
  • Single grip opposing slips
  • Ceramic gripping buttons
  • Filament wound fiberglass construction


With its extended range composite plug offering, Scorpion provides you with a unique opportunity to operate within a restricted wellbore ID. Keep going and keep your competitive edge.

Casing SizeCasing RangePlug O.D.Plug I.D.Plug LengthOperating Range
4.0"2.92" - 3.35"2.60".75"30"10K, 300°
4.5"3.32" - 4.00"3.12".75"33"10K, 300°
5.5"3.98" - 4.0"3.78".75"33"10K, 300°
  • 10,000-psi pressure rating
  • Sets securely in up to P110-grade casing
  • Ceramic button slips allow a secure set in hardened casing (i.e. ICY Casing)
  • Compact and easy running
  • Utilizes unique “lug” design on the top and muleshoe bottom ensuring that the plugs do not spin during drill out; lug shoe also available
  • Can be drilled using conventional tubing or coiled tubing
  • Materials used in construction conducive to a wide range of environments
  • Composite material – eglass, epoxy resin, fiberglass woven material
  • Elements – nitrile, 80 durometer Ball S.G. – 1.8, other S.G balls available