Engineered to energize your operation

Fracturing and pumpdown activities are mission-critical stages in your well development program, filled with risks and potential cost overages and time delays. Coated Line is engineered with advanced technology, inside and out, to help bring a higher level of reliability, speed, and efficiency to your operations.

Faster-Running Polymer Jacket

Coated Line has an extremely smooth profile, reducing friction by more than 40% over traditional wireline, allowing a faster run in and run out and reduced rig up times. Coated Line’s low coefficient of friction enables our customers to reach longer measured depths with little risk of drum crush. The high-visibility orange polymer jacket also is extremely durable and is less susceptible to torque issues.

Built to Boost Performance

Coated Line delivers the electrical properties of standard 9/32 E-line and the pressure-control capabilities of traditional slickline, giving you the best performance characteristics of both technologies without the tradeoffs. It has a temperature rating of 150°C and remains flexible to -30°C. Every aspect of Coated Line is designed to help you reach your target safer, faster and more economically.

A Better HSE Solution

Coated Line can be run with only 5% of the injector oil required for typical wireline runs. With 95% less oil you reduce onsite equipment, eliminate hazardous spillage and mess from your worksite, and save the time and money needed for cleanup. Coated Line is fully compliant with the most stringent environmental standards – a better solution for your HSE initiatives in every way.

Pump faster with the most advanced wireline unit out there

Our SkyVIEW unit features a removable drum, independent hydraulic and electric power for maximum efficiency.

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