Significantly Reduce NPT and Emissions With Electricity

The Electric Wireline Unit from Nine provides a path to reliability while helping everyone on the planet breathe a little easier.

Driven by one of the most advanced battery-based power packs in the industry, the E-Wireline truck delivers 4x the power of traditional wireline. Plus, the hydraulic system has been replaced with an all-electric platform which eliminates the risk associated with traditional elements that can bring operations to a standstill.

The E-Wireline truck also features triple-redundant recharging for the lithium-ion battery pack, so you can be sure your operation is powered up for maximum uptime. And because you’re running on electricity, you’re able to significantly reduce emissions over traditional wireline operations. It’s an efficient way to keep your productivity high and your carbon impact low.

Unlimited Upside

E-Wireline makes for a cleaner, quieter and safer work environment. The compact design reduces worksite footprint. The motor runs at a 68-Db whisper, a welcome relief from the roar of truck engines. Manual joysticks and brake plus a remote dashboard give you robust control. Faster reaction times during pump down maximizes drum efficiency and reduces water usage and crew requirements. The benefits go on and on.

Efficiency, uptime, safety, reliability, environmental responsibility – it’s all power packed into Nine's Electric Wireline Unit.


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All of the operational efficiencies minus most of the operational emissions. Learn more about the E-Wireline Unit from Nine.


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